Safeguard Waterjet

Precision Metal Cutting You Can Count On

Why Choose Safeguard Waterjet?

When flame, plasma, laser, wire cutting, and milling fail to produce your parts as needed it is a simple decision to opt for waterjet cutting. Safeguard’s waterjet cutting process for your parts can provide a more detailed finished product than heat cutting or milling.

To help you decide on the best cutting option for your parts production process, see below for some of the advantages Safeguard waterjet cutting has over other techniques. To address your specific challenges, consult with one of our experts today.

How Safeguard Waterjet Cutting Differs From Other Cutting

  • Can cut material up to 8 inches thick

  • Tolerance: +/- 0.03 inches (dependent on part thickness)

  • No warping or discoloration during cutting process

  • With CAD programming, parts can be nested, reducing scrap and saving resources (putting money back into your pocket!)

  • Waterjets (using abrasive garnet) are precise, needing no further machining or deburring

  • Short lead time (CAD design allows for zero tooling or fixtures)

  • No work-hardening of edges, and edges are left clean for a nicer edge finish

  • Safeguard waterjets require less setup and cut bigger parts

  • No long setup time and no fixture cost

  • Profiles can be much more closely nested, hence more parts per sheet

Partner With Experts You Can Trust

Since 1992, Safeguard has been custom manufacturing in the USA to meet our customers’ specifications. With experience in a variety of industries and installations all over the world, we have developed an extensive body of knowledge that benefits our customers.

Safeguard is Here To Help – please contact us with any questions. We can help you make better decisions, have a pain-free experience, and get the perfect solution to your manufacturing process needs (waterjet, sandblasting, CAD, and metal bending).


Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet is capable of cutting virtually anything.



Smooth and perfect rough surface for further modification.


CAD Design & Metal Bending

From concept to completion, we can help.

Our Facility

Built in 1980, our 20,000 square foot facility in Streetsboro, Ohio is well-equipped for any job. We take pride in our staff and equipment that allows us to offer services to manufacturers and contractors.

Let Safeguard help you complete jobs faster and better without making a large investment in machines, staff, and training.

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